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Sherilyn's 5 Easy Ways to Have Great Skin

Posted on June 29 2016

  1. Sleep More

When I think of my skin being nourished and at its best, there is one thing I never underestimate—and that is the power of sleep. When the kids were young and I would stay up working until 2 AM. I thought I was being really productive. Little did I know my skin and general well-being was suffering from only three to four hours of rest a night.  Sleep has become really important to me, and I now make sure I get at least seven hours to wake up and take on the day.

  1. Use Sunscreen

 Even though I like having a tan, my greatest regret is that I haven’t always protected my skin from the sun. I think sunblock is really important now and I always use SPF 50+.  Only use products that use the mineral blockers - zinc and titanium oxide.

  1. Keep it Natural

 Only use natural products that will not cause inflammation or trap bacteria. Apply fewer products to skin, not more! Don’t overload your pores and cause breakouts.

  1. Exfoliate 

I exfoliate in the shower every day. If I don’t exfoliate my face skin in the morning, I’ll do it at night so my skin is really soft. Using Evologie Stay Clear Cleanser with a soft cloth or a gentle pad does the trick. Use in a light circular motion, to wash away bacteria and deliver soothing botanicals below the skins surface.

  1. Hydrate Inside and Out

My main tips for great skin are to nourish from the inside and keep it super simple. Stay hydrated from the inside. Moisturize on the outside.

Sherilyn Gentile is a physical specialist /trainer /dancer/ writer with a passion for  "simple" ways of living. With an MBA in Nutrition & Psychology,  a curious mind and not a "whole lot of time" for complicated. 



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