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Healthy, Glowing Skin in Flight

Posted on December 01 2014

Whether you’re looking forward to Christmas on the beach or you have to fly to see the in-laws around a Christmas ham, we know that heading to the airport can leave your skin a little less than perfect. We like to travel for the holidays but we don’t like having dry, flaky skin when we get off of the plane. Here are some tips to help keep your skin healthy and glowing when checking in and touching down.

Increase fatty omega-3 oils

These hydrate skin from inside the body. A couple of days before your flight, think salmon, or a healthy lunch of sardines. If you just made a face, think about buying some capsules.


The day before you fly, give your face a good scrub so that the next morning your moisturizer will penetrate deeper for a healthy glow. Before you board, drink lots of water, especially if it’s a long flight. Those little airplane cups only hold six ounces, and they are rarely filled to the brim.


Bring a slightly richer moisturizer than the one you normally use onto the plane. Use a hydrating serum before and during the flight if your face is drying out from the cabin air.

You are what you…

What you put into your body matters. Bring a snack bag of hydrating foods such as strawberries, cantaloupes, cucumber, celery and spinach. Avoid diuretics such as coffee, which can impede circulation and dehydrate skin. Stand up frequently and stretch to keep blood flowing. People may look at you strangely, so if you’re uncomfortable, do it once the lights go off.

Once you arrive, determine how your face feels. Add some more moisturizer if it’s feeling a little dry. Buy a bottle of mineral water, drink up and relax wherever you are. The holidays are a time of stress, but if you follow these skin tips, your face will appreciate the relaxation.


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