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Worrying About Your Pimples Is Giving You More Pimples

Posted on August 12 2015

Pimples beget pimples. Little more evidence is necessary to cement pimples as the cruelest force known to the teen universe. Like it or not, appearance is an important part of self-confidence and perception. For younger people who are focused on crushes and courtship, looks can even appear as the most important aspect of a person. It should come as no surprise with all of this that pimples and breakouts are entirely unwelcome on the adolescent face. So unwelcome are the puffy pustules that many people become thoroughly stressed by their arrival. Hey—we get it—you have someone to impress and that can be hard enough with your face cooperating. If it were up to us your face would understand your situation and take care of itself. But unfortunately, we didn’t design the rules for clear, healthy skin, we’re just handing out the instructions.

Studies have suggested that there is a link between stress and increased levels of pimple production. What this means is that when you have a breakout and a test, or an assessment at work, you are likely to flare up. What this also means is that if you break out, and freak out about your break out, it only makes it worse. As if getting the pimples weren’t bad enough, you aren’t even allowed to complain about them. It’s the best form of persecution because whining is met with further self-inflicted punishment. Pimples have basically told your face, “if you don’t like it, please, complain, because I could use some friends.” They either get to have their fun without being reprimanded or the party continues until you chill.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the best way to combat breakouts, aside from treatments, is to completely forget about them. Literally forget that they are there. I am not even advising that you ignore them, because ignorance requires too much of your focus. You can’t ignore something without acknowledging it, and just that is giving those attention mongers too much. I advise you to just enjoy other things. As I’m sure you’ve heard about many things in life, what’s done is done, and crying over spilt milk doesn’t help the situation. The same is true here. Stressing about a breakout isn’t only detrimental to your psychological well-being, it reinforces the thing you are praying will float away. So take a chill pill and let the pimples rage on—their party will be over the sooner you don’t know it.


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